Direct Giving

Did you know that Colorado is the 14th richest state but ranks at the bottom (42nd) in per-pupil spending, $2,300 below the national average per pupil?!  This is why we fundraise!  

2018-2019 Direct Giving Events – Save the Date!!

  • Halloween Bash: Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 7-10PM    RSVP HERE!!!

What is Direct Giving? Direct Giving is the simple, efficient and direct way of donating money to our school. Each year several social events are organized bringing together parents and teachers, and celebrating our common goals for the school and our children. When a family contributes any amount of money during a direct giving event, 100% of the funds go directly to High Tech Elementary School. We do not ask our families to sell magazines, cookie dough, wrapping paper or other merchandise. By making a donation directly to the school, our families save time and energy, and they are ensured that ALL of their donation benefits the school, not just a small percentage of merchandise purchased. Plus, all donations are tax deductible.

During our annual direct giving campaign, many generous families give one-time donations, recurring monthly donations or buy raffle tickets at one of our events. Additionally, we have the opportunity for large corporate matching donations. Please verify with your HR department to find out if you can double your donations. Click here for a list of companies that offer corporate-matching-gifts.


In 2018-2019, your contributions will help fund paras, our Library Tech for the school year, provide more advanced chapter books for our library, and supply a variety of eBooks for our children. Additional funds raised help support PTA-sponsored community events and additional student and staff needs.

A heartfelt thank you goes to our Direct Giving Chair, Daphne Manns and to all of our host families for their hard work putting together these events. None of this would be possible without our amazing HTES parents!

Past Direct Giving Events: Over the last four years, Direct Giving parties have generated over $200,000, allowing HTES to fund the FOSS Science Curriculum, hundreds of library books, a Librarian, dozens of computers, iPads and eBooks, the Avid4Adventure program and the Next Gen Paras program, just to name a few!

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